Friday, September 11, 2009

Does Your Adware Remover Have Spyware?

For everyone who already has adware protection software running on their computer at this very moment, ask yourself how safe is this software? Adware and spyware one of the biggest pests on the internet is growing out of control.

Remember when you used to get spyware and adware on your computer when you went to those particular websites? I think we all know what I'm talking about but never the less you use to get adware and spyware from websites.

However times have changed and so have adware. You can now get adware from software and most likely get spyware installed on your computer at the same time. The most common spyware is called Gator. It infects everyone and it tracks everyone's website surfing habits. There are many forms of gator spyware and some can really stuff you around.

If you can get adware and spyware from software, are you really safe with adware remover software? Actually there are some adware and spyware removers that install spyware on your computer without you knowledge.

These are the websites that offer you free adware removers free of charge no strings attached no trial versions. My advice, "be very careful when using free adware and spyware removers."

So right now if you have adware and spyware remover software you should challenge the software and see if it has spyware in it. One thing you can do is check Google and do a search on the name of the software.

For example "spyware remover reviews." You want to find out if this software has won any awards or have any good reviews on it. If there are reviews make sure they come from respected websites like or pc magazines.

If you happen to install software that has no reviews or anything about it on the internet there is a chance that it might be one of those software with spyware in it. So first thing you need to do is find yourself respectable software get it, use the free 30 day trial period and scan your computer immediately. If you find that you have spyware installed remove the software you initially installed first and then do the scan again and remove all spyware on you computer.

If you don't remove the spyware software you first installed before you remove all spyware on your computer you might still be infected. This is because the cause of software might have come from it so uninstall if first.

I hope this has helped you and may you find the best adware and spyware removal software on the net.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Learning the Ropes to Cleaning Spyware

The widespread unawareness of computer users about spyware has resulted in nearly every computer being infected with the malicious codes unknowingly to users who then experience declines in their computer's performance and a string of pop up ads. Even new computers are infected with spyware unless its system is immediately equipped with some sort of spyware blocker or scanning tool that is run regularly.

The most aggressive anti-virus software cannot guard your computer against spyware, it is necessary to have spyware specific software to rid your system of any of the privacy invasive files.

Spyware can be picked up easily through emails and e-cards. By visiting certain sites you also have spyware installed and commonly users allow spyware in by downloading freeware or shareware that installs spyware upon your agreement to the user license. The most common type of spyware is that which causes your computer to slow once many spyware applications have built up and infected several programs.

Another result of this type of spyware is annoying pop ups appearing almost non stop. Much more malicious spyware is used by individual intruders or hackers who collect private information such as credit card and social security numbers as well as passwords and bank accounts. They use this information for identity theft and other harmful acts.

To get rid of spyware find a trusted and highly effective spyware scan and removal tool and run it regularly. Use more than one tool together so you are sure to catch all the infections. Once you have scanned your computer and fixed the spyware infected files the computer's performance should impress you, demonstrating how harmful even benign spyware can be.

By : Mitch Johnson
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